Normanton Altofts Junior School

Our Vision and Aims



To prepare our children to meet the challenges of life with positive and caring attitudes towards each other,

their work and surroundings, and most of all, towards their own self image.


The Whole Staff and Governors are:

Committed to developing a culture of high expectations in all aspects of school life by providing a safe, welcoming and secure environment,

in which all learners are encouraged to achieve their potential.


Our school aims to:

Ensure that all pupils have equal opportunities to achieve their full academic, artistic and sporting potentials across the curriculum;

Provide a stimulating environment with careful attention paid to the presentation and display of children's work and high quality learning materials;

 Enrich children's experiences through visits and residential trips, and by inviting visitors into school;

 Enable children to extend their interest in the environment, ICT, the arts, music and sports through after school activities;

 Celebrate children's achievements through praise, displays, reward systems and mentions assemblies;

 Value each child as an individual and guide them sensitively in developing their notions of responsibility, self-esteem and independence;

 Recognise the contributions from members of the wider school community and foster good relationships with governors, parents and carers.


  Believe and Achieve!