Normanton Altofts Junior School

Year 3

The following objectives will be covered during Year 3. Please scroll down for the Knowledge Organisers for the year.



To understand numbers 1-10.

To recognise the praise words Estupendo, Fantástico, Muy bien.

To participate in a short exchange greeting someone.

To identify rhyming words in a poem.

I can hear the difference between un and una.

I can follow classroom instructions.

I can understand the question ‘how old are you?’

To listen and respond to an authentic Spanish poem.



To recall numbers 1-10 with correct pronunciation.

To participate in a short exchange greeting someone.

To ask and answer the question ‘¿Que tál?’

To uise the forms of address for adults- Señor, Señora, Señorita.

To ask and answer the question ‘What’s your name?’ confidently with good intonation and pronunciation.

I can say 11 colours in Spanish.

I can pronounce c, z and ie in Spanish.



To read the numbers 1-20.

To read the j sound correctly e.g. rojo.

To respond to an extended text.



To match phonemes and graphemes.

To copy correctly.

To experiment with writing short sentences using a verb.

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