Normanton Altofts Junior School

Year 4

The following objectives will be covered during Year 4. Please scroll down for the Knowledge Organisers for the year.



To listen to and follow a short story and join in with repeated phrases in the text.

To listen for specific words and phrases.

To listen and join in with a Spanish song with actions.

To identify the sound rr in Spanish.

To follow a short text as it is read aloud and demonstrate understanding through drawing.

Recognise plural nouns.

Identify the sound j in several words.



To pronounce some words accurately.

To ask how to say something in Spanish.

To recite a nursery rhyme.

To ask and answer questions.

Say five vowel sounds in Spanish.

Participate in drama in Spanish and memorise a short, spoken sentence.

Join in with singing authentic Spanish Christmas songs.

Present a short role play introducing family members, asking and answering questions.

Read a phrase aloud with appropriate expression.

Present a short, spoken text.



To identify adjectives in a text and recognise that they can change spellings.

To scan a text to identify key words.

To recognise some letters of the alphabet.

Read familiar words with accurate pronunciation.

Reorder words to form short sentences.

Identify a common sound in a list of verbs.



Write simple words and phrases, using a model.

Write labels in Spanish.

Write a short sentences by adapting a model using a noun, verb and adjective.

Attempt to write short phrases from memory.




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