Normanton Altofts Junior School

Year 6

The following objectives will be covered during Year 6. Please scroll down for the Knowledge Organisers for the year.



Initiate and sustain conversations.

Understand details including opinions from a spoken passage.

Join in 2 playground games in Spanish.

Follow a story as it is read aloud, demonstrating understanding.

Listen for clues to meaning e.g. tone of voice.

Identify known words in a song.

Sing Spanish songs with accurate pronunciation.

Listen to an audio recording and match adjectives to nouns.

Sustain an unrehearsed conversation of at least four exchanges



Initiate and sustain conversations.

Re-use previously learned language in new contexts.

Understand how to say a basic negative sentence.

Perform and present confidently, speaking clearly and audibly with good pronunciation.

Revise pronunciation of ll and j.

Join in 2 playground games in Spanish.

Memorise and perform a verse from a song.

To ask for repetition or clarification if needed.

Sustain an unrehearsed conversation of at least four exchanges and use stalling techniques as appropriate.



Understand key details from an authentic text.

Use a dictionary.

Understand the main points and simple opinions expressed in a short, written text and respond by answering true/false questions.

Identify known words in a song.

Work out how to pronounce unknown words.

Identify the sounds of some letters of the alphabet.

Recognise the Spanish vowel sounds.

Read phrases with accurate pronunciation and with appropriate intonation and expression.

Read authentic texts for enjoyment and information.



Construct a small paragraph by adapting a model.

Attempt accurate spellings when writing individual new words from memory.

Understand that some nouns for occupations change their spelling in relation to gender.

Contribute to a shared writing task- an ideal home.

Produce own writing by adapting a model text.

Write a short letter to book accommodation, using a model.

Write short sentences in the immediate future tense to outline holiday plans.

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