Normanton Altofts Junior School

Equality Act

As a local authority school, we are covered by the public sector equality duty in the Equality Act 2010. As part of this, we must show details of how our school is complying with the public sector equality duty. Details of the this, and how as a school we promote equality and diversity, can be found in our Equality Information and Objectives policy below:


Our approach to equality is based on the following key principles:


Our school values underpin the above principles.


In line with our policy we have four objectives. They are:


Objective 1: To raise the profile of the 9 protected characteristics.  


Why we have chosen this objective: 

We believe the all children, parents and staff need to understand the school ethos is to make everyone is safe and equal. 


Objective 2: To monitor and analyse pupil achievement by race, gender and disability and act on and trends and patterns. 

Why we have chosen this objective: 

We have chosen this to ensure that we are completing restorative practices to better all of our learners.  


Objective 3: To provide regular opportunities in our school curriculum to explore the 9 protected characteristics. 

Why we have chosen this objective:

 We have chosen this for children to gain knowledge about the protected characteristics in real life contexts, events and situations.  


Objective 4: To further develop pupils understanding of tolerance and respect. . 

Why we have chosen this objective: 

As these are two values which are essential in modern day society and for the future of our children. 


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